Global Business Development Agency

BMPB France, service provider dedicated to the Industry and Tertiary sectors

Providing tailor-made solutions

Cible : BMPB favorise votre développement de clientèle avec efficacité

Solutions to attract new customers, develop new markets and Retain your customers

B2B business development

  • Leads generation
  • Project identification
  • Qualified appointment setting
  • Supply your sales staff and optimize their rounds
  • Identify business opportunities and introduce your solutions to targeted customers

E-marketing solutions

  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Combine the telephone approach with digital communication channels to optimize your contact with high potential prospects

Outsourced customer relations

  • Outsourced sales assistant
  • Opportunity follow-up and reactivation of customer accounts
  • Satisfaction surveys to identify areas for business development

A partnership for

  • Develop new business areas
  • Gain time and efficiency
  • Keep control of your customer relationships
  • Personalize your customer approach and optimize your presence

  • Focus on your core business/ your sales

  • Generate profitable business
  • Compensate the natural decline of your customer portfolio and improve the customer mix / increase the customer portfolio
  • Strengthen your position against your competitors

  • Measure the quality of your services
Cible : BMPB favorise votre développement de clientèle avec efficacité

Develop your visibility and notoriety, Develop your turnover

Database and leads detection

We work from our own database of national and international companies, including pre-qualified prospects. In this way, we optimize our contact to reach the decision-maker who is interested in your solutions !

We provide you with the latest information through :

  • An annual update of company data
  • Daily updating of data by our client managers

This concerns 4 million companies in France and potentially 44 million companies in 70 countries.

Industrial sector

The staff is specifically dedicated to the technical professions of the industry and knows how to adapt to different environments.

Tertiary sector

Our team includes specialists in several service industries such as retail, bars, hotels and restaurants and IT.
Cible : BMPB favorise votre développement de clientèle avec efficacité

Our method and tools

  • Nearly 1,000 projects identified over the last 10 years in the industrial and tertiary sector.

  • More than 300,000 industrial companies in France.

We carry out the most precise targeting with the choice of criteria that seem relevant to you: company size, location, number of employees and dozens of other specific criteria to refine your selection.

Our method also lies in our ability to constantly adapt targeting to detect promising business, develop new markets and win over new prospects.

Cible : BMPB favorise votre développement de clientèle avec efficacité

Prospected markets

BMPB is known as a partner dedicated to professions in industry and the tertiary sector.

We operate in technical areas to support your business development, thanks to a dedicated team specialized in sectors such as industry, distribution, tertiary industry and construction: (health, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, bars, hotels and restaurants, aeronautics, nuclear, plastics, integrators, metallurgy, transport, logistics… and also other professions dedicated to the digital sector.

Our knowledge and expertise of industrial, technical and innovative businesses enable us to identify opportunities for you that will generate turnover and regular growth.

Cible : BMPB favorise votre développement de clientèle avec efficacité

Global Business Development Agency :
who are we?

Born out of experience in the industrial sector, know-how in outsourced business development and telephone prospecting, our agency has been recognized as a dedicated partner since 2008.

Combining experience, knowledge and technical tools, our method is based on regularity, precision and the adaptation of our services to our clients’ needs.