Optimize your commercial development thanks to our prospecting and outsourced commercial assistance solutions

Cible : BMPB favorise votre développement de clientèle avec efficacité

Our experienced and multilingual team will work with you, to evaluate your needs according to your objectives and set up the sales prospecting campaigns that suits best to your activity and your target market in France or abroad.

Business development and lead generation

Tempo Prospect

A strong and effective tool for customer recruitment and turnover growth.

  • We draw up a set of specifications together to define your objectives and needs.
  • We target companies likely to be interested in your solutions, by providing you with our own database of pre-qualified prospects.
  • We prospect on your behalf to identify needs and make qualified appointments on your behalf; you finalize the sale.
  • Meticulous follow-up, statistics and monthly activity reports.
  • A multi-channel solution, with the sending of emails integrating your marketing materials and a link to your website
  • With a Crossing Data Social Selling option, to use the 1st social network dedicated to professionals

Export development

Tempo Export

An effective tool for international business development

  • Expand your activity in more promising international markets with high potential
  • We support you in your international approach to enable you to develop yourself in the targeted countries.
  • A set of specifications defined jointly and a complete support to follow your evolution, from the market study to the identification and the contacts with the interlocutors interested by your solutions.
  • As an approved Team France Export operator, our knowledge is recognized and allows you to benefit from the “Chèque de Relance Export”.

Multi-channel campaigns

Tempo Digital

Optimize the completion rate by using different communication channels

  • Optimize your customer relationship with regular or one-shot commercial messages
  • Take advantage of a targeted database
  • Use clicker/reader tracking to improve your performance
  • Using inbound marketing performance to improve your visibility

Outsourced sales assistant

Tempo Gestion

Outsourced sales support to anticipate and manage business flows

  • Optimize your commercial action by following opportunities or reactivating customer accounts
  • Integration of your database or provision of targeted files
  • We qualify decision-makers and follow up projects on your behalf until a deal is completed
  • Order taking from a dedicated tool specific to your needs
  • Management, processing and monitoring of customer and prospect information flows
  • Update of your database
  • Return of qualified files that belong to you

Customer survey


Discover your customers' expectations, the state of your market and identify your areas for development.

  • Satisfaction survey ISO standards
  • Statistical studies and data analysis
  • Market research
  • Survey

Preparation of your professional events

Optimum Evenementiel

A preparation before your event and a follow-up of the visitors for a successful and effective investment

  • Integration of your customer base or provision of a database of qualified and geolocalised contacts
  • Development of digital marketing tools
  • Tailor-made traffic generation
  • Booking an appointment at the event location
  • Qualification of potential projects and follow-up of prospects
Cible : BMPB favorise votre développement de clientèle avec efficacité

BMPB – Team France Export Authorized Operator

Logo France relance - appui à l'export

Our multilingual team will support you in your international business development by carrying out telephone prospecting on your behalf in order to:

  • determine the potential of the targeted markets,
  • optimize the axes of development,
  • expand your network,
  • generate and implement promising business
  • increase your market share.

“Approved operator within the framework of the export section of the French government’s Recovery Plan, our individual export prospection services being, under certain conditions, eligible for the Chèque de Relance Export (terms and conditions on www.teamfrance-export.fr-rubrique Trouver des aides et financements/Financement publics)”

We operate mainly in Europe, North Africa and North America in order to develop the best opportunities.